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American Family Physician  
Annals of Family Medicine  
Annals of Family Medicine  
Asia Pacific Family Medicine  
Australian Family Physician  
Australian Journal of Primary Health  
BMC Family Practice  
British Journal of General Practice  (formerly Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners)  
Canadian Family Physician  
Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine  
Clinical Teacher  
Education for Primary Care (formerly Education for General Practice)  
European Journal of General Practice  
Family Medical Practice On-Line – The International Journal of Primary Care  
Family Medical Practice On-Line:us  
Family Medicine  
Family Medicine Journal Hub  
Family Practice  
Family Practice  
Family Practice Management  
Federal Practitioner  
General Practice On-Line family medicine journal  
Hong Kong Practitioner  
IHS Primary Care Provider  
International Journal of Family Medicine  
Journal of Primary Health Care  (formerly New Zealand Family Physician)  
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (formerly Journal of the American Board of Family Practice)  
Le Médecin du Québec  
Medical Education Online  
New Zealand Family Physician  
Occasional Paper (Royal College of General Practitioners)  
Primary Care Respiratory Journal  
Primary Health Care  
Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care  
South African Family Practice  
The Journal of the American Board of Family Practice  
Update Primary Health Care (BAHRAIN)